LGBT* unsure or questioning what does it all mean?

You may be attracted to people of the same sex as you, or just boys or girls or both. You might feel a bit confused about how you feel or you might be completely sure and comfortable with your sexuality. Whatever, its completely normal and natural part of who you are. So don’t worry about it, because you are not alone, LGBT people exist in all families, cultures and have throughout history. They exist in all walks of life, in your schools, colleges and work places.

Young people who identify as LGBT* often feel isolated and alone, by meeting in a safe, supportive environment with other young people similar to you and with professionally trained youth workers who identify and understand what you are thinking and feeling, can be a great source of encouragement, help, support and sense of belonging.

Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender* or are you questioning your sexual or gender identity? Want to meet other young people similar to you in a safe and relaxed social space?

Interested? Think this might be for you?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning? Want to meet other young people similar to you in a safe social space . . . . Projects in Fareham, Gosport and Havant

Y Services LGBT projects provide a safe, comfortable space where young people who identify as Lesbian, gay, bi, trans and who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity can get to know other young people like themselves. Most importantly we offer a space in which young people who are LGBTQ can have fun, laugh, be themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Most weeks there’s an hour for people to chill out and catch up with each other, plus some time for a group activity. Free refreshments are provided at all sessions.

We also set aside some time for anyone who is new or who wants to talk in confidence with a worker at the project. Our weekly structured activities include work-shops on coming out, safer sex, healthy relationships, LGBT history, assertiveness, plus video and art nights. Our recent trip out was to the cinema to see the film Pride. Other activities have included a summer picnic and invitations to the Celebration of Achievements events led by Y Services.

For more information contact

Dawn Tracy LGBT Youth Worker
T: 07503 353636

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What’s on offer? How can we help you?

Y Services runs 3 weekly youth groups for young people aged 13 – 19

The Gosport group meets every Thursday evening, between 6.30pm – 9pm.
The Fareham group meets on a Monday evening, between 6.30pm – 9pm.
The Havant group meets on Wednesday evening, between 6.30pm – 9pm.

We can also meet and support young people on a 121 basis in a community setting.

We can offer help about a range of issues that affect LGBT young people including:

Access to free condoms, lube, Chlamydia and pregnancy tests
Coming out and telling others about your sexuality or gender identity
Communication skills
Dealing with homophobia
Emotional & Mental health
Personal safety
Safer sex
Self confidence
Self esteem
Self identity
Self image
Sexual health
Understanding feelings

How can I get involved?

Confidentiality and your safety is really important to us, therefore we don’t advertise the actual venue of the group. For more information and to talk to a youth worker confidentially, phone or text 07503 353636 or email

121 support

The LGBT project offers support to anyone who wants to have a chat in confidence with a worker. We offer advice, information and support on 121 basis. It is NOT a counselling service, more like a space for young people to be heard, examine options and bring about positive change in confidence. Some people come for one offs, others for a more long term support it depends on where the young person is at and what they want. We can also provide 121 support by email and by phone.

Young people who have used the service, have found it a safe place to talk through problems and take decisions in their lives. Issues discussed include coming out (or not as the case may be), work, homophobic bullying, confidence, sex, dealing with organisations and knowing their rights, bisexuality, suicidal feelings, HIV/AIDS, loneliness and depression, sexual abuse, racism, the LGBT scene and much more. Other young people just need somewhere to talk about what motivates them, dealing with conflict with parents, starting new relationships etc.

Whatever it is, if young people need a space for themselves, we are here to help. We also support young people to access health and support services, such as sexual health clinics and counselling projects. We recognise that young people going to a provision on their own can be a difficult and intimidating experience. Project workers have therefore supported young women and men to attend sexual health clinics, make appointments, explain the procedures and then return with them for checkups.

Equality and Diversity

Y Services has an equal opportunities policy. All young people have the right to access professional help and support from Y Services, which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination.

This means anyone who uses the youth club should be treated with dignity and respect and be able to participate in the activities free from prejudice and discrimination regardless of gender and gender identity, ability, sexuality, religion, heritage, culture and ethnicity.

Confidentiality and Safeguarding

Y Services has a confidentiality and safeguarding policy. We keep your information and our discussions confidential. We will only share information about you if you tell us

  • that you are being harmed in any way
  • there is a threat to your life or safety or someone else’s
  • you know that someone has broken the law

Y Development and Support to professionals

We can provide support and training to others who want to best support young people who wish to talk about their sexuality?

Our LGBTQ specialist worker can provide the following:

  • Telephone support and sign-posting information
  • Links to specialist agencies
  • Training through our two FREE training sessions offered each year, which can be used as part of a CPD programme.