Y – Play rangers is about children and young people having FUN.

Y play rangers aim to give children and young people a sense of pride in their community by offering activities which the participants can own and control. This will give them a high level of respect for the area and the people that live there. Y play rangers are mobile and work on the open spaces with the area, they bring along ideas and equipment to ensure all children involved have as much fun as possible. We help stimulate imagination and create activities that will interest and motivate different groups.

Den BuildingClay Modelling
Tree GuardiansNature Trails
Arts and CraftFootball
Kite MakingRoundersThemed Events
Treasure Hunts

“Children have the right to play’ UN convention”

Each session lasts for 2 hours and is aimed at children aged 8-12 years. Activities can take place in local open spaces, school grounds or other suitable venues. Our focus is on providing quality after school and school holiday activities. All Play ranger staff have been suitably checked for working with children and young people and have had child protection training as well as relevant training to the activities provided. Our ambition; to enable young people to experience new opportunities and learning through creative play sessions in their local area.