LGBT* unsure or questioning what does it all mean?

You may be attracted to people of the same sex as you, or just boys or girls or both. You might feel a bit confused about how you feel or you might be completely sure and comfortable with your sexuality. Whatever, its completely normal and natural part of who you are. So don’t worry about it, because you are not alone, LGBT people exist in all families, cultures and have throughout history. They exist in all walks of life, in your schools, colleges and work places.

Young people who identify as LGBT* often feel isolated and alone, by meeting in a safe, supportive environment with other young people similar to you and with professionally trained youth workers who identify and understand what you are thinking and feeling, can be a great source of encouragement, help, support and sense of belonging.

Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender* or are you questioning your sexual or gender identity? Want to meet other young people similar to you in a safe and relaxed social space?

Interested? Think this might be for you?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning? Want to meet other young people similar to you in a safe social space . . . . Projects in Fareham, Gosport and Havant

Y Services LGBT projects provide a safe, comfortable space where young people who identify as Lesbian, gay, bi, trans and who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity can get to know other young people like themselves. Most importantly we offer a space in which young people who are LGBTQ can have fun, laugh, be themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Most weeks there’s an hour for people to chill out and catch up with each other, plus some time for a group activity. Free refreshments are provided at all sessions.

We also set aside some time for anyone who is new or who wants to talk in confidence with a worker at the project. Our weekly structured activities include work-shops on coming out, safer sex, healthy relationships, LGBT history, assertiveness, plus video and art nights. Our recent trip out was to the cinema to see the film Pride. Other activities have included a summer picnic and invitations to the Celebration of Achievements events led by Y Services.

For more information contact

Dawn Tracy LGBT Youth Worker
T: 07503 353636